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Digital Transformation of Dental Technicians​(DX)

Core Dental Lab Yokohama promotes mechanization of simple work

​Continue to challenge the challenges facing the dental technology industry

2022 Introduce automatic model transfer + measurement system

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our dental laboratory

​I have many challenges

The number of people who work as dental technicians continues to decrease year by year due to the effects of aging and the decrease in the number of qualified people. DX (Digital Transformation) is attracting attention as one of the solutions, and Core Dental Lab Yokohama has developed an "automatic model transfer + measurement system" in collaboration with Digital Process.

Published in the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun on November 15, 2022
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24 hours a day

make good use of time

Focus on what needs to be done

If you repeat the scanning work of the plaster model, the time it takes will be enormous.

By automating simple work, it is possible to improve the skills of limited qualified personnel.

Yes, we are thinking at Core Dental.

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Official name is
​Model automatic transfer + measurement system

This machine automatically measures three types of models (work model, abutment tooth, and antagonist tooth) mounted on a dedicated rack and synthesizes the data. The robot arm, the first of its kind in Japan, automatically returns the measured model to the rack.

By performing all of the measurement and model synthesis with this one unit, it plays a part in the laboratory process, and future developments are attracting attention.

Sensor detection makes it possible

​The information on the dedicated model stand and the two-dimensional barcode (QR code) are automatically linked, and measurements and synthesis are performed.

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in the latest way
different than ever
will adopt an approach

instead of someone doingwe start

At Core Dental Lab Yokohama, we think about what we can do now, and what we need in the future.​ is working. I will do my best to help the dental technology industry develop tomorrow and in the future.

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Through various SNS
​We are disseminating various information

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watch video
Automatic model transfer + automatic measurement system

A video showing the inside of the automatic model transfer + automatic measurement system is available. Core Dental Lab Yokohama will continue to co-create with digital processes, and promote efficiency by incorporating some of the technology that relies on the experience and intuition of dental technicians into software using AI.

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We are looking for innovative talent. If you are interested in Core Dental Lab Yokohama, we are looking forward to your application.

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Dental technician
(crown denture)

Regardless of work experience or actual work, Core Dental emphasizes a sense of responsibility and a willingness to work. Here is an environment where new graduates can learn and grow with peace of mind.

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