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​Use IOS copy denture

Denture production using IOS (intraoral scanner)

About denture fabrication using IOS (intraoral scanner)

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IOS copy denture

You can shorten the manufacturing process

By making a copy denture with an optical impression, it is possible to produce a denture that shortens the process of customary individual trays and occlusal is the secret


​Can also be used as a spare denture

as a temporary denturecan also be used. If you have data, you can output it as temporary dentures for missing dentures or repairs. There is also an option to add color with stain.(Uses biocompatible resin for general medical devices (class I))

(If the data storage regulation is exceeded, theYou will need candy)


Compare with normal process

​IOS Copy dentures eliminate the process of creating individual trays and occlusal plates

It can be expected to reduce the burden on clinic staff and reduce the number of hospital visits for patients.

Optical scanning replaces the precision impression required in the denture manufacturing process.
In addition, since the occlusal height can be confirmed with the dentures in use, there is no need to take a bite registration using an occlusal plate.


A major change in the denture manufacturing process

process shorteningsecret

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IOS copy denture production steps

Directly scan the denture used with an intraoral scanner (IOS) and convert it into data

Shortening the work process by incorporating a copy denture into the denture manufacturing process

We deliver dentures with a high degree of satisfaction.

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